The Den

the Den set up with tables and chairs
photo of the Den
the Den photo from above
the view from the deck
the Den setup with tables from above
tables and chairs lined up for an event
the Den from the outside photo
the Den from the inside with tables set up
the Den from the outside right
the Den's chandeliers
the catering tray on the table
pieces of cake on the table

The Parlor

cute table setup for a baby shower
oh baby sign on the wall
the parlor setup
a girl sign on the console table
pink rose petals on the table
white chairs at the table
set up tables at the parlor

The Porch

the porch setting with tables
set up tables with white linens
happy birthday sign
birthday set up
a white plate on the table
a pine cone and a mushroom arrangement
cups and plates on the table
a floral and wooden arrangement
green and gold plates on the table
a tea cup and a tea pot
a banner on the wall